Friday, May 13, 2011

24 Hours of Lemons New Hampshire Speedway

Wow..what a crazy weekend it was... I was in TX for work
last thursday, flew back to Boston @ midnight, and headed
to NHMS Friday morning for a race weekend with Team FarFrumWinnin

Friday practice was great, a perfect sunny day, and I had the oppurtunity
to take the car for a good ~20 minutes and a get feel for the track and
compare the track to the iracing version... I have to say hats
off to Iracing again.. i felt at home from lap #1...

I also had the pleasure to meet fellow iracer Andre Gomes
who joined the team for only this race.. Andre is a true talent and
a finalist in the PS3 GT Academy, he will be heading to a week
of final qualifying in Silverstone @ the end of this month...
and if he makes it (which I am sure he will) he will get a real seat
to race in high profile races around the world.

It was Andre's first time on the track, I mean "any" track...and
he was already 1 second faster then my fastest laptime...
He showed great car control in wet, dry and in traffic...
I have a feeling if the racing gods are on his side, and he
gets the seat after Silverstone he will have to consider
changing his career :)

Speaking of "wet" my Saturday stint during the race had a nice
down pour of rain,, the car was exteremely tricky to drive and
unpredictiably scary as soon as the puddles started to form...

Little to my suprise going into the last S before the final straight
2 wide in a downpour was not the smartest choice and when I got cut off
right when I was about to apex i had to lift, and round and round I went..
My first track spin, and it was quite scary.. I also had the honor
of get the first black flag for the team :/

However, Sunday the sun was on our side,, and i did a really solid
stint and had a great time, here is some video footage from that day
mostly focused on traffic fun stuff:

When my stint had ended we were first in class C, and had a ~30 lap
lead to the second car...and we where upto 12 place overall (out of 75 cars)
Nothing could stop us from winning in our class...until the engine died
during Andre's stint which was right after me :/

It was a very low point of the weekend as we had to pack and leave...
But I guess that summarized a perfect racing weekend, rain or shine
we try our best, and sometimes shit happens...

Looking forward to the next race in mid June in Summit Point..!!!

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