Monday, November 14, 2011

Team Farfrumwinnin -- Preps for 2012

I’ll have to admit, I’m really not looking forward to another brutal northeast winter... it’s not just being surrounded by mountains of snow, ice and salt but also the fact that it’ll be months of winter hibernation not just for us but also for machines that we love and look forward to racing.. in 2012.

But before the snow comes in to stay, the team was busy with installing Phil’s new custom fabricated front suspension on the Fox.

The initial test at a local autox event turned out to be great, as it was reported that the car has now more confidence, lesser under-steer and is more predictable. I really cannot wait to try it for myself… as there are plans for a shake-down at a test & tune lemons track day in February at NJMP that we plan to attend (weather permitting of course). Here is an action shot from Rich on 3 wheels despite the mods to the car. Which is great as we are known as the “3 legged fox” and it would have been a shame to lose that.. !

On the other hand, despite Phil’s crazy work/travel schedule last weekend Rich & Tom met up with him to check how bad of a state the Volvo was in.. let’s just say for a car that last run in 1992, and left alone to rust for ~20 years, it sure did show it’s age. The rust is so bad that you can literally see the pavement below:

It’s no question that it will surely almost an impossible task to make this car race ready for 2012… but when the time comes, and if it comes.. I am sure the team will do justice to this car… have it go out with a bang!

Ohh… before I forget…although a bit late, Lemons HQ finally announced the 2012 race calendar, and looks like they killed Stafford(which we did not race last year, and did not want to race any more) and added NHMS twice… The 2nd NHMS race is actually on the same day as Halloween, and I have a feeling this will surely be a day to remember as “gasoline meets Halloween”

Here is our team’s calendar events we have signed up for as of right now:

14-15 April NJMP
5-6 May NHMS
16-17 June Summit Point
27-27 October NHMS again on Halloween!!! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Updates to the car and a few fall events...

Stuck at a hotel in Orlando for a conference with a bruised rib or maybe cracked (I’ll find out after a xray tomorrow) i said to myself "well...what better thing to do then to catch up with my blog...!" :)

Oh.. how did i hurt my ribs...? well i had presentation at 3:30pm and after that i found myself with a bunch of co-workers deciding to hit a local karting track close to the convention center.

And...what a great track that was! Especially the fact that they let us race even when it started down pouring... may i remind you it was dark, lights on the track and a crazy rain fall...! we got completely wet as we hit giant puddles of rain tires of course either. As the rain intensified the puddles got bigger and bigger... at one point one of the hairpin turns was completely under water, and hitting those turns drifting was a great experience... the fact that it was dark, and we had to wipe water off our helmets visor almost every 5 seconds to see where we were going...was an intense experience...definitely a day to remember! :)

But lets get to mods/updates i have done to the car since my last autox event in July... well the first thing i tackled was to actually get rid of the skinny 175 front tires (which meant understeer) and replaced them with 195s. Doing so i also changed the rubber on all 4...and went with A048 which is the tires that come with the sport-pack Elise and all the diffrent flavours of Exiges out there.

I have to say, the tire changes alone...almost gave a me a totally new car. Overnight the understeer was a thing of the past... the car became very balanced and predictiable. "These tires are amazing....!" i said to my self when i hit the last autox of the season with Track Club USA at the end of September.

Since i had more grip now on the front, i stiffened up the sway bar to make sure the new grip did not bring snap-oversteer (Blackwatch autox sway bar 2/5 to 3/5 stiffness setting )

During the autox, i tried diffrent tire pressures, and actually found that 26f/29r (hot) seemed to provide the most predictiable grip... and the higher rear pressure allowed me to rotate the car with throttle easier. During the event we had 2 more Lotus's (a 2007 Exige S, and 2011 Evora)...

Now keep in mind the Exige S has the same tires, better suspension, and ofcourse a supercharger (240hp compared to my 190hp)... and i was ~3.5 seconds faster at the end of the day :) Ohh... the Evora was slow as expected with 6 seconds diffrence.

Here is the helmet-cam fastest run for the day:

Prepping for first track day

After the autox...i decided to prep the car for its first track day :)
The stock Elise out of the factory, has know issues that absolutely needs to be addressed before a track day.. So i focused on the most known issues (thanks to forums)

Oil starvation issues : gPAN - Baffled Oil Pan
Toe link failure : RTD2brace
Broken gear shift cables : SSC Cable

Once i got the car a bit more prepped for track use, i signed up to a HPDE event at NHMS (the event was for South Oval - Road course) via COMSCC which i had heard great things about from my autox buddies. Not only are they cost effective, but they provide a instructor for rookies(like me) for the full day for a very low price for 225$.

Also if this is your first event, you get a $100 discount...!

They also have time trials the second day, but i did not sign up for that because first you need to get a license(signed by the chief instructor) and i was told that usually takes a couple instructor sessions/days.

The day is very nicely planned... you arrive at 7am, if rookie get a student log book, get assigned a instructor (they specifically picked a instructor who also drives a mid-engine car for me)...and switched between 20 minute class-room sessions and 20 minute-track sessions (with instructor riding along with you).

I found the class room sessions pretty useless at first as all i needed was more seat time. But the class room sessions in the afternoon had a interesting nice suprise. While we were out on track, another instructor (without letting us know) actually followed us in his car, and recorded our line and our actions from his dash...which we went over during the class room... definetly helped with lines/and pointers! Great stuff!

Anyways, because i was in run group 4... i found my self stuck %80 of the time behind traffic, and had to wait for "point-bys"...lets just say not everybody checks out their mirror!... but i was able to get a few clean laps in, here is a video of that (this time not helmet-cam, but mounted to the car)

At the end of the day the instructor fills out the student logbook, and makes recommendations for further improvements... in my case i got all flying stars and was recommended for a license pending demonstration on improving my heel-n-toe next time... which was spot on,, as that is one area i need more practice! :) Well atleast i got promoted to a higher run group for next time... now time to go to bed and hopefully my ribs feel better tomorrow!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

End of Summer, and end of F1 Outdoor Karting League 2011

After 6 x Fridays of intense racing despite many re-schedules due to hurricanes, rains, heat waves, random cancellations we finally had our final race last night with tons of smiles on our faces.

The first time i hit the track on June for practice, with 16 other race hungry locals who had signed up to the league, with some veterans who have done this for multiple seasons and some being first timers just like me... i had a feeling i was going to have a great time..with intense battles and a lot of learning...and i was right.

I have to add, this was proabbly the best bang for the buck... ~$500 gets you 6 Fridays of racing. Each night you get 1 practice session, and 3 heat races. Total seat time per night ~30-40 minutes... 1.5 mile track, with many configurations, lots of room for passing... they even spice it up by running the track in reverse...

However as always there are some drawbacks... $500 gets you access and plenty of seat time in proabbly one of the best go-kart tracks in New England, but with some shitty rental karts... But don't be alarmed everybody gets the same shitty karts! :)

Karts are 9hp, weights are added based on driver to equalize kart performace... but its always a hit or miss,, you can either get a shitty kart that turns well, or you get a pocket rocket with no brakes.., when i say no brakes.. i mean "OMG im going 55 mph and i need to take the hairpin turn...right NOW !! OH SHIT!!" no brakes..! You live and learn..plenty of grass and run-off...and no walls or trees to hit :)

Oh, also these guys run Hard compound meaning it is very easy to overdrive the kart.. which is actually a great learning tool for i am naturally genetically engineered to overdrive! :)

The racing,, i guess this is standard for karting, involes a bit more contact then i would like. Most common strategy is to bump-pass... you use the guy infront for brakes, as he slides pass on the inside. This usually should be penalty according to the rules, but only if the flag station guy has finished texting and is watching the race. (You can check out my previous post with a video of this happening). BTW to set the record straight i never passed like that,, i had plenty of tools in my arsenal thanks to thousands of hours of working traffic on Iracing :)

BTW after that video, they banned my GoPRO camera on the track... i guess it made'em look bad...oh well...its their track and not mine..too bad or i would have some really awesome 3-wide battles, crazy passing racing porn to share :/

"Measurement is Key to Progression"... when i first started, the first night... i noticed i was ~1.3 seconds of pace from the #1 driver, who also happens to be a veteran of this league.

At that point, i decided i should try to learn as much as possible, and try to improve my self in each night of racing. To reach that goal i started to measure my % of diffrence in lap times (of best lap per race night) and overall points per night.

Each night i would try diffrent driving styles... braking early, braking late, altering lines, controllong how much I let the kart drift. This was a challenge as each heat i would get a random kart, and each race nights karts would behave diffrently... But the principals were always the same.

So when i had first started, i was %2.2 slower then #1 guy, at night #6 i had closed that gap %0.4 (from 1.3 seconds to 0.2 seconds diffrence). Here is a simple graph of night/percantage as i work on my driving:

As i improved my overall speed, this got reflected on the points i would collect each night. To put thinhs in perspective, first night i had 22 points... 6th night i was up to 36 points:

Which is exactly what i wanted...although i started off slow and mid-pack i finally started to find my rythem and winning races, which allowed me to catch up in the points to be tied 3rd place and be up there in points with the veterans:

Now that i am able to get average 30+ points per night... the next summer i am hoping to continue improving my style and finishing even higher!.... does anybody have a time machine to take me there? NOW! :)

The only frusturation i would have is,, if one day the progression stalls despite all my efforts, but i will worry about that when i get to that bridge.. for now the work must go on! :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Left Foot

So yesterday after a long stall I had the oppurtunity to hit Devens airfiled again for a autocross. This time i got invited by fellow iracer Ian Cook to join him with another fellow iracer Ryan Field at a Renegade Miata club event...

It was definetly packed, compared to the other clubs i go with usually (Track Club USA, Bay State Corvette Club, etc..) and ofcourse the # of runs got a hit at 7. Maybe I am spoiled with 10+ runs from the other clubs :) However they did lay down a very nice track, with a lot of technical and high-speed sections... so that was a nice change from the slalom heavy configurations i have got custom to over the years...

Ian had brought his project 90's miata, and he would co-drive it with Ryan. Keep in mind this was Ryan's first time autocrossing, however do not be fooled as Ryan is proabbly up in the top %1 drivers on Iracing.. some of you might say "so whats, thats just a sim" however...he is known for his extremely smooth style...After his 4th run, he was able to lay down solid times with a completely stock 90's project car, his smooth style from iracing had resignated well here.. i look forward to watch him in the future...

Ian's style was very similar to mine, especially my style from last year when i first started, fast and good car controll or controlled madness, and crowd cheering stunt driver abilities.. Since this is Ian's first year autocrossing, he will soon come to the same realization that i have come to and try to adapt and evolve his style to be right between the old aggresive and fun Ian and the smooth and boring Ian... it is a though balance to get to, and i've been working for a while for my self as-well, and i look forward to watch Ian unleash his true potential next year...

So watching these guys on the track, complete opposite styles gave me the clear picture, "the happy place", the style to adapt was actually a bit of both...or meet them right in the middle. Ian and i had a lot already in common, and i know i had to smooth out my transitions.. keep in mind my car, bone stock, with front skinny tires understeer's alot,, it is specifically designed to come out of the factory with understeer in mind (to decrease the # of clueless driver wrecks).

I had been left foot braking on Iracing for almost more then a year now, and finally had the courage to try it in real on my last race on Summit @ 24 hours of lemons with medicore success ( locked a couple times).

So what i decided was the first half of the day drive normal, and the last couple runs i would try left foot braking to ease the transitions and settle the car...

Here is a simple graph of my laptimes, comparing the diffrence in both methods (Blue : right foot, Orange : left foot)

You can ignore the first 2 runs, as thats when i try to learn the track, but after that, the amount of progress starts do decrease in each run, and i almost hit a wall (4th, 5th)... but once i switch to left foot braking, i get a great reduction on my lap times...

I can say as advertised left foot braking did not only help with the transitions, cut down the amount of time lost between changing from brake + gas, but it actually improved (in my car) the amount of understeer i used to get...which was exactly what i needed.

I still think the car has more potential with smoother hands(looking at the graph you can see if we had run #8 or even #9 there was room for improvement), but this was proabbly one of the fastest runs on street tires on the event, here is my last run where i finally break the 113 second mark:

Monday, July 25, 2011

Phil-1800 a.k.a "Stockholm Saint"

Yes kids it official, there is a high possibility that next year the team might have a 2nd car as a contender...

This one is a true "piece of shit", but comes with a history and class... I have a feeling once Phil gets done with this, it will be one of the better looking cars on the northeast lemons tracks

Early reports indicate that the car will be named "Stockholm Saint" and will include a swedish theme,, lets hope nothing to do with ABBA :)

Saying that, Phil...(who's apperently dad still owns a restored version of this car ) has some scary plans for this baby. One thing about Phil is he is a true jack of all trades, a perfect engineering genius..once done with this car, it will be pumping a good hp/weight ratio i am sure!! :)

Nothing Phil does is "under-whelming", and i truelly cannot wait to get more updates of the car through out the winter as it morphs into a race car by spring...and shit in my pants on the track while drivin it!

The other cool aspect would be running a 2 car team, although logistically speaking towing 2 cars to each race will definetly become a costly nightmare... However running the fox and the saint side-by-side drafting on the straights, while taking in team orders on intercom will definetly add a nice twist to the equation... a equation that keeps getting bigger and larger each year, just like the team :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

24 Hours of Lemons Capitol Offense

Wow...what a great track that was, i don't think i have ever droven on anything quite like it...very technical and physically demanding (especially with 85-90F degree weather).

Lots of elevation changes, banked turns, crazy S's, off-camber turns, double and even triple apex turns,, you name it they have it :) And when you put 102 x $500 worth cars on the track... you know you will have a good times :)

"Good times" i think is the correct phrase to describe the whole weekend...although we where thrown off when we found out that we got promoted to class B from C because of our previous domination in the C class we knew we had nothing against some of the faster class B cars...

But we where not going to give up without a fight... while some Class B cars where turning in 1:53 lap times, ours fastest time (GJ) was ~2:00 and we were pretty happy to come 10th in our class and 20th overall (may i remind you that it was out of 102 cars)

Its also good to point out that if we where still in Class C we would have won that by a 30 lap margin(!)... but fellow team member and iracer and gt academy finalist Andre contributed for the Class C win in the Sputnik piece of shit car..(because we had no open seats for him on this race he took a arrive&drive seat with Team Sputnik) so atleast that victory did not go too far away from the family ;)

We had a few hickups during the weekend... Chris missed a few yellow flags, Steve got a hit & run (again but this time on the track :) ) but luckly no major flags..

Mechanically the new engine did wonders,, we had to swap out the ECU that was acting funny...which I have to say its great to be part of a team who does not mind carrying around extra parts for easy swaps like this to save the day! :)

I also captured quite a amount of racing footage from Tom, GJ and Chris's sessions, i still have hours of video to edit, but in the mean time here is a quick POV one from me on Sunday morning working traffic and battling out with some of the class A and B cars... enjoy :)

This might very well be the last race for the season for us... but who knows maybe we'll find enough time & budget for another race weekend, but either way i'll have more too post soon...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The next race is coming up :)

Yes...its been quite some time since i had the oppurtunity to update
the blog, but actually there has been a lot of developments since the last
race in NHMS.

Since we fried the engine only a few hours away from capturing our
first victory as a team last race, the majority of the team spent
most of their weekends getting in a new engine from the parts car
that was bought some time ago incase we ever needed move
on buying that other crap-can fox guys :)

Here is our Craptain working on setting up the install for
the new engine :)

It sucked i couldn't be there with the guys to help out during the
engine swap but a 8 hour round trip drive and the fact that I lack
in mechanical skills, i had nothing to offer then just moral support...

Initial tests of the new engine (on closed course, closed to traffic :P)
hinted that we had more horsepower! This can be explained by the fact that
the old engine proabbly had 150k miles + 4 races under its belt, while i
think this engine is under <60k miles (although not sure)

So new engine = more horsepower, but it can also bring some negative
suprises during the race weekend, as it has not been tested under
stresfull conditions. But i think we will try to do the practice session
on friday to see how the engine behaves..

Practice i think will be important as-well for the team, as the race
will be on Shenandoah Circuit @ Summit Point Motorsports Park which we have
never raced on. It is supposed to be one of the popular lemons tracks
( in meaning a lot of traffic) and a very technical track...

It also sucks that although we have the other tracks scanned from Summit in Iracing
we seem to have this one missing... I had used NHMS Iracing version
effectively in the previous race, but looks like all I have is a few
youtube videos to learn the track this time..

I'll have more updates after the race next week and hopefully some great

Saturday, June 11, 2011

F1 Outdoors leaguge and summer action :)

So what other way of cooling down in summer months then racing
on the F1 Outdoor track in the summer leaguge :)

The track is truely beautifull:

The races are usually every other week Fridays after work, so that
means I spend 1.5 hrs in rush hour getting to the track, and we
get 3 races + 1 practice session.

The track hosts a wide array of track configurations, and there is
plenty of room for passing... here is a recent video from Round #1
(I still am trying to figure out how i got the penalty on this
video though...let me know if you figure it out)

The racing is very real, but not everybody obeys the rules..especially
round #2 i have been used for brakes many times, while the flag stations
where chatting about their nail polishes.. I literally raised my hand
waved at them, etc.. but nothing could get their attention :)

I am still learning the tracks and should get higher in the points
in the upcoming events, but there is some serious talent in the top #3!
Some of these guys are old timers who have done the same leaguge last
summer.. and just following their lines i see great improvements...

More mario karts flavoured videos to come, next race 1st week of July...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BSCC Autocross - 5/21

Had a great time @ the BSCC autocross event in Devens Airfield.

The track was set yet again to be a high speed with a lot of slaloms.
This time i tried to play around with the front tire pressures to
help with the dreadfull understeer I get with the stock 175 front tires.

I think i had the narrowest front tires in the whole event...!

But changing my driving style, and lowering -2 psi on the fronts def
gave me a nice bit on the turn ins,, which allowed me to get first place
in the experience street tire class! :)

Here is the video from my fastest run of the day(with a passenger)

I think there was a potential of shaving off 1 more second from the
time, but for that i need to get smoother...and smoother.. getting there
slowly but surely! :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

24 Hours of Lemons New Hampshire Speedway

Wow..what a crazy weekend it was... I was in TX for work
last thursday, flew back to Boston @ midnight, and headed
to NHMS Friday morning for a race weekend with Team FarFrumWinnin

Friday practice was great, a perfect sunny day, and I had the oppurtunity
to take the car for a good ~20 minutes and a get feel for the track and
compare the track to the iracing version... I have to say hats
off to Iracing again.. i felt at home from lap #1...

I also had the pleasure to meet fellow iracer Andre Gomes
who joined the team for only this race.. Andre is a true talent and
a finalist in the PS3 GT Academy, he will be heading to a week
of final qualifying in Silverstone @ the end of this month...
and if he makes it (which I am sure he will) he will get a real seat
to race in high profile races around the world.

It was Andre's first time on the track, I mean "any" track...and
he was already 1 second faster then my fastest laptime...
He showed great car control in wet, dry and in traffic...
I have a feeling if the racing gods are on his side, and he
gets the seat after Silverstone he will have to consider
changing his career :)

Speaking of "wet" my Saturday stint during the race had a nice
down pour of rain,, the car was exteremely tricky to drive and
unpredictiably scary as soon as the puddles started to form...

Little to my suprise going into the last S before the final straight
2 wide in a downpour was not the smartest choice and when I got cut off
right when I was about to apex i had to lift, and round and round I went..
My first track spin, and it was quite scary.. I also had the honor
of get the first black flag for the team :/

However, Sunday the sun was on our side,, and i did a really solid
stint and had a great time, here is some video footage from that day
mostly focused on traffic fun stuff:

When my stint had ended we were first in class C, and had a ~30 lap
lead to the second car...and we where upto 12 place overall (out of 75 cars)
Nothing could stop us from winning in our class...until the engine died
during Andre's stint which was right after me :/

It was a very low point of the weekend as we had to pack and leave...
But I guess that summarized a perfect racing weekend, rain or shine
we try our best, and sometimes shit happens...

Looking forward to the next race in mid June in Summit Point..!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

24 Hours of New Jersey

Just got back from our first lemons race for the season and it
was a absolute blast, not only did we come 2nd in our
class (Class C "ugly") and 13th overall(out of 70 cars)
we even won a Grassroots Motorsports magazines "Most from the Least" award:)

Although we got that award, our team and our performance was nothing like "least".
We had a great team!! A quick snapshot after the race :)

Most of us arrived Friday morning.. after hours of driving
to be greeted by a awful cold & rainy grey NJ day. Which
helped me realize very quickly that maybe i should have brought
better shoes as I walked around the track with wet shoes and cold feet...
while looking at scary rusted junk cars getting ready to race...thinking
if my shots where up to date :)

But saturday was a whole diffrent NJ...nice and sunny, actually a bit
too i have a red nose and forehead to show :)

After nervously waiting for my stint saturday morning (which was stint
#2 after Tom) I was having a blast... ~70 cars, ~2 mile course, plenty
of room and a great fast paced track (compared to the Stafford race
from last year)

The experience can be best described as multi-class racing with a
bunch of loonies and piece of shit, and awful smelling cars...
But its freakin fun! :)

I have to say, my multi-class sim-racing league experiences from
ISRA (iracing private multi-class league) defintely came into play
as i knew how to keep my eyes in front, sides and back at all times...

As running a lower class car just like in the ISRA sim league, the
strategies to deal with traffic and keep your self away from trouble
is similar...

I will have more videos hopefully, but here is 1 lap of NJMP lightning
course with camera staring at my face :P

After the race, we found out from the judges that our cars roll
cage is no longer welcome, and we need to get a better one. So
if everything works out, our next race will be next month in
New Hampshire Motor Speedway road course... I'll have more updates in the upcoming weeks :)

Now back to reality....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The FOX is Getting a Make Over

Our captain(Tom) and NY based team members have done
quite impressive work on the car in the last couple of weeks...

Not only did they paint the car with a awesome 80's Audio Quattro S1
theme but they have also fixed a number of things on the car..

I am really getting excited as only 1 week left until we hit the
track with this baby...

In the mean time check out some of the new pictures:

Also we just had a new team member join for the LOUDON ANNOYING race, a fellow Iracer "Andre Gomes" :)

I know Andre from a couple Iracing session which we had
some awesome battles with, very solid talent,,, its great to
see that I will not be the only sim racer(cough nerddd) on the team :P

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The snow melts...and I am back...!

So i've been on the road, on the go..or whatever you like to call
it latelty. Lets just say this winter was one to remember...

Luckly, it is now coming to a slow end..the snow is melting and I
already have huge(or atleast huge to me) plans for this season :)

Well before I get to my plans and finally setting the record straight
on why i called my blog "junkracing", i'll briefly talk about some of the
things I did since my last post... lets play a bit of catchup.

A lot of Iracing :)...and lots of it... I actually stopped
running general Iracing series, and have been running on a hosted
series called ISRA(International Sim Racing Association)

Its basically a intense 9 week multi-class series with a
average grid of 35-40 talented and serious sim racers.
Races are only done on Monday nights, and 1 race per week...
Awesome way to fine tune working traffic (thanks to multi-class)
and some very intense close racing, just the way I like it...

I am working on a video to celebrate the close racing I had
in the series, but that will have to wait a bit more...

During the season, i've have broken pretty much most of
my racing gear...G25 Logitech wheel busted, replaced with
a Thrustmaster T500RS, especially after watching the
inside simracing episode

My Lightning SST shifter also broke mid-race, soon to be replaced
with a TSW H-shifter..So far the only gear that seems to be hold
up to my driving style is the CST pedals...

Proabbly the highligh of my winter was the Lotus Racing School
in Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch.
I was fortunate enought to be on the 3.4 mile track, which was
perfect for learning more about how to be smooth and focus on
the line. I actually had to re-learn some of the things I had
thought I had learned before, which is exactly why I had gone their
in the first place.

I could/should have placed the camera in dash but because the
Elise is so tiny, me combined with a instructer we had no room
for the GoPro camera in-dash, so not my first choice for camera
angle but atleast gives you a idea on how long/technical the 3.4 mile course is:

Although not as fast I would like it to be (but smooth to say the
least), remembering each turn-in for such a long course in 1 day
definetly was a challenge. It would have helped greatly if the
track was actually scanned by Iracing... :)

Anyways so lets get back to why I called my blog that nobody
reads "Junkracing" :)...well it is because of all the lemons
junk racing I plan to do this season and hopefully in the future
as-well :)

For the ones who have no idea what 24 hour of lemons is,
check out this.

I already had done a race last year with Team FarFrumWinnin in Stafford, MA in a
1993 VW FOX which used to be our team captain's Tom daily
driver back in the day.

Well it was a blast and this year we plan to do 4 events this year:
(given the car can hold it together)

NJMP Apr 9-10
Loudon May 7-8
Summit Point June 18-19
Stafford July 23-24

Currently the team which is mostly based in NY (as I type this far,
far , far away somewhere in TX) is doing a lot of work on the car, including paint etc..

The car is looking more sexy by the minute.
Don't get me wrong its still a $500 worth car...but this time
we hope it does not look a like a slow moving poop on the track
i hope :P

I'll be having more info, and hopefully videos from the races
in the upcoming months stay tuned! First race is APRIL 9th! :)