Sunday, July 29, 2012

Getting my hands Dirty :)

Yes, finally I can sit down and put my thoughts, and words together.
It has been a bit more than a month since I completed the move from Boston to Seattle.

It has been completely crazy in so many different levels… moving to a new town, finding a new place, getting used to a new job… a whole new job, which is both exciting and demanding. It is no exaggeration when I admit that I have been working probably 60 hour weeks since I got here…from day #1.

I joined the new job at a time when a lot had to be done, a lot was expected,,, and I knew I had to get my hands dirty, and dirty fast…and break all mental and emotional barriers that will slow me down, and focused on getting up-to speed right away….  Am I there? No…but my hands are dirty…and each day I am learning, improving, and understanding my new purpose in life J

The thoughts of leaving so many things behind also adds a bit of spice on top…but life is a bit like racing, you have to stop looking back, the things you have passed… and look forward.

Just like I dived head first into the new challenge, the new job… I decided to jump right into to some racing action… to help with stress J I found a great outdoor karting track(Pacific Grand Prix), which either run’s bi-weekly league’s or 90 minute enduro’s every other week. So I signed up to both events … the first weekend I arrived here J

Pacific Grand Prix track layout supports multiple config's and the great thing about this place,,, outdoor track,,, in Seattle it rains… and they are using made in china, cheap hard slick tires J So expect some great rain action from me.,, when it starts to rain of course, I’ve been honestly waiting for it to rain…where is the $@$@$ rain in Seattle?!?

I have already started winning races in the league’s which consists of a 15 minute x (practice + qualifier + heat #1 + final race).But I have found myself attracted to a greater challenge, the 90 Minute Enduro…in the Ironman class, which means while most people race in 2-3 people teams and switch drivers during a 90 minute race,,, I race with a select few crazy, hard core karters who go 90 minutes solo…rain or shine J We all know each other by name… J

My first enduro,,, and I was leading 80 minutes of the race, until when I was re-lapping somebody, who took both of us out and also fractured my rib in the process… I continued the remaining 10 minutes of the race with tears in my eyes… while losing -5 seconds a lap because I couldn’t turn left anymore,, and came in second. Right now,, I’m waiting for a new rib protector in the mail, and also waiting patiently(!) for my ribs to heal…so I can go out, and kick some ass!

But in the meantime, here are some pictures from the events & podiums from the league race which I came first, and a video of the final race. (I will be recording more videos from enduro events in rain, when i can heal & and can race again :) )

Here is some racing action, i had qualified 5th, and finished 1st :)