Thursday, July 18, 2013

The "36"

It was 2:30am, when somebody knocked on my window...
That was a first, being woken up in a parking lot, wearing a full racing suit, in a rental car.
For a moment I had no idea where I was... then quickly realized, it was finally my turn...turn to race.

I would be racing with Team Paul Newman's Revenge at the infamous "36 hours of Spokane" Chump Car race :) This was a well run machine and quite the contrary to a junk had great attention to detail all around.

The madness would start in the dark, Friday at 10pm... span across 2 nights... and end Sunday 10am under a bright sun. But I arrived Friday early and met Jonathan and Joe, an analytical and in tune father son duo. They had a great operation, years of experience and great amount of know how.

I also wasn't the only new driver, met some really cool and passionate people on our team and also got to see Beach Dudes Racing captain who I had raced with last year!

But walking to the pits, putting on my helmet, none of this was on my mind... I only had one thought .... "its dark". I would be driving a Nissan 240SX for the first time on a track that I never raced before and at night, yet again another first... and I was more worried about night than the car or track. All cars had huge spotlights... but trying to learn a track blinded by 50 other cars was one experience that I will never forget.

I had a scary but clean stint that night... really scared the shit out of me. But the next day, under the bright sun, really felt the car and experienced a 90 minute long blitz.. this car can out-brake and corner consistently like nothing else... Was a pleasure to drive.

Our car flipped, we blew the transmission, I believe twice... ripped 2 tires on track, a few contacts. Not to mention all the mayhem and wrecked cars from the 50 that started... I think a bit less than half were running at the end... an amazing race, thank you Jonathan and Joe for the seat!

Btw, its a shame, half asleep I forgot my GoPro, and have absolutely no footage...what so ever. As my wife likes to say ... Idiot!