Sunday, June 23, 2013

One Year

What can I say, has been quite a busy start to summer. Only a few days ago, I  realized .. one year. One year since we moved to Seattle.  I came to this year "fully committed"...but yet uncertain.  Now only a reflection of it in my mirror I'm already too busy aiming for the next one. Like I said its been quite busy.. can't complain :)

It all started with a race I couldn't make, the great  24 Hours of Lemons - New Hampshire , later to learn our car was kaput anyway, well until the last hour of the race. Which got Tom the well deserved and prestigious "heroic fix" award. 

Tom believes this track has cursed us all along. 3 races and 3 mechanical failures, how can he forget that? But I still remember the first one, the one we witnessed the arrival of Andre Gomes, at his first wheel-to-wheel race, destroying our lap times for his first ever outing and as-well as the engine later on that day :)

Now Andre, as I had covered earlier has already started winning races in his first Skip Barber championship. He is either or 2nd or 1st in the points and IMHO will win this! I'll continue to cover his journey here.

Recently, one of my childhood friends Tamer and I decided to dive right into 4-stroke karting. The cheapest form of karting (besides rental leagues ). We both got used karts, engine packages and finally put together our karts and started getting our hands dirty with a few local races, test/tune days and playing with setup.  First race came 3rd, but have to be honest...still a lot more work to do on setup and tuning. I have a feeling this will be a great way for me to learn this part of racing...which I have no knowledge today.

Here is a fast lap from a recent test day:

Tamer also recently got a yellow Lotus Elise.. so I have a feeling both our hands will be busy this summer with karting and track days! :)