Friday, March 30, 2012

Back from Infineon - 24 Hours of Lemons

Had a great time with Team Sex Pistons and the nimble 1978 Triump Spitfire last weekend.
The Spitfire comes with only 65 hp but sticky handling allows it to keep up with the big boys
on the technical parts of Infineon.

I have to thank the team captain Colin for the seat and oppurtunity, they have a very solid operation
and a great bunch of people! Not to mention the team had extra parts for almost everything, engine,
transmission, you name it.. But the car was well kept and ran like a clock the whole 14 hours
considering old British cars are known for being a pain in the $@#$#@!

Also the most crowded race in Lemon's history was to take in heavy rain on Saturday.I was
really looking forward to experiecing 172 other cars on the track racing in the rain with me.. :)
But as it turns out our car had no wipers. Having a plastic windshield also meant RainX would
not work, and we were left racing on Saturday under heavy rain almost blind. I got some footage of
that at begining of my video to give a was quite scary as we could not see where we were going
and i actually had to count between turns in my head, memorize and turn-in blindly..! :)

But after a penalty free wet Saturday, Sunday the clouds cleared...and we had dry tarmac ahead.
The Spitfire came to itself in the dry and we were dicing with some of the Class A and B cars all day.
I have to say the team kept it clean and the momentum going...which ultimately led to a 4th in Class
position at the end of the weekend. I hope to be able to race with Team Sex Pistons again in
the future...!

Some video, mostly Sunday from my perspective dicing with traffic: :)

Tomorrow I'll be taking the Lotus for its first shakedown autocross after the recent suspension ugrades.
Since i live in New England, i just found out freezing rain and snow is it's going to
be a interesting day for sure with my cold tires :) More to come on that in the following days...

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