Monday, April 11, 2011

24 Hours of New Jersey

Just got back from our first lemons race for the season and it
was a absolute blast, not only did we come 2nd in our
class (Class C "ugly") and 13th overall(out of 70 cars)
we even won a Grassroots Motorsports magazines "Most from the Least" award:)

Although we got that award, our team and our performance was nothing like "least".
We had a great team!! A quick snapshot after the race :)

Most of us arrived Friday morning.. after hours of driving
to be greeted by a awful cold & rainy grey NJ day. Which
helped me realize very quickly that maybe i should have brought
better shoes as I walked around the track with wet shoes and cold feet...
while looking at scary rusted junk cars getting ready to race...thinking
if my shots where up to date :)

But saturday was a whole diffrent NJ...nice and sunny, actually a bit
too i have a red nose and forehead to show :)

After nervously waiting for my stint saturday morning (which was stint
#2 after Tom) I was having a blast... ~70 cars, ~2 mile course, plenty
of room and a great fast paced track (compared to the Stafford race
from last year)

The experience can be best described as multi-class racing with a
bunch of loonies and piece of shit, and awful smelling cars...
But its freakin fun! :)

I have to say, my multi-class sim-racing league experiences from
ISRA (iracing private multi-class league) defintely came into play
as i knew how to keep my eyes in front, sides and back at all times...

As running a lower class car just like in the ISRA sim league, the
strategies to deal with traffic and keep your self away from trouble
is similar...

I will have more videos hopefully, but here is 1 lap of NJMP lightning
course with camera staring at my face :P

After the race, we found out from the judges that our cars roll
cage is no longer welcome, and we need to get a better one. So
if everything works out, our next race will be next month in
New Hampshire Motor Speedway road course... I'll have more updates in the upcoming weeks :)

Now back to reality....

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