Friday, March 22, 2013

Some Unfinished Business :)

Yet again, here I am, at a another airport waiting for my next adventure. This time I will be heading to 24 Hours of Lemons – Sears Pointless.

This will be my 2nd race on that track, same team, but different car…we will be driving the mighty RX7 with Team Wankle Grumpy Nerds!.  The team made their debut race at Lemons Chuckwalla last December, and let’s just say we ran into some technical glitches and couldn’t complete much laps, but we had a great time at the track and I sampled some racing with the mighty spitfire which was the teams 2nd car that weekend.

But this weekend will be special, we have some unfinished business! Also it will be special because my childhood friend Ozer, which I had mentioned in my earlier post will be joining us for his first ever lemons race! A quick flashback to my first race almost 3 years ago, I remember the butterflies in my stomach, and I almost couldn’t get out of the pits…as the race cars were not slowing down for me! J I’m really happy for him to taste this.. I’m sure he will be hooked! And I hope he doesn’t blame for me it in the future!

 On other news, as I have been gone for quite a while, a great update! one of my fellow racer friends, who raced with us at lemons races back in the east coast, Andre Gomes has made huge news by winning the 2012 Skip Barber INDYCAR Academy Shootout! You can find more information here :

 I’m really happy for him, as I always knew that one day, he will get the opportunity to show his true, raw talent. I suspect this will be the beginning of his new career, and I also suspect he will be very successful, I have no doubt that we are witnessing the birth of a new star!

 This wasn’t easy for Andre however, he almost made it to the VW TDI Cup Iracing had sponsored (which kick-started Wyatt Gooden’s career), but got a DQ for a qualifying incident at the last race. He later on made it from millions of users to the top tier in GT Academy shootout, went to Silverstone, kicked everybody else’s asses (including the instructors) but got eliminated because he was seen as a devil in disguise J But like they say… 3rd is the charm, and he nailed this one! I am happy to be see him get the opputunity he deserves, and hoping one day when he gets to big leagues sends me a paddock pass ;)

 Anyways, that’s it for now.. I have some more interesting bits of news, but that shall come next round!