Tuesday, June 21, 2011

24 Hours of Lemons Capitol Offense

Wow...what a great track that was, i don't think i have ever droven on anything quite like it...very technical and physically demanding (especially with 85-90F degree weather).

Lots of elevation changes, banked turns, crazy S's, off-camber turns, double and even triple apex turns,, you name it they have it :) And when you put 102 x $500 worth cars on the track... you know you will have a good times :)

"Good times" i think is the correct phrase to describe the whole weekend...although we where thrown off when we found out that we got promoted to class B from C because of our previous domination in the C class we knew we had nothing against some of the faster class B cars...

But we where not going to give up without a fight... while some Class B cars where turning in 1:53 lap times, ours fastest time (GJ) was ~2:00 and we were pretty happy to come 10th in our class and 20th overall (may i remind you that it was out of 102 cars)

Its also good to point out that if we where still in Class C we would have won that by a 30 lap margin(!)... but fellow team member and iracer and gt academy finalist Andre contributed for the Class C win in the Sputnik piece of shit car..(because we had no open seats for him on this race he took a arrive&drive seat with Team Sputnik) so atleast that victory did not go too far away from the family ;)

We had a few hickups during the weekend... Chris missed a few yellow flags, Steve got a hit & run (again but this time on the track :) ) but luckly no major flags..

Mechanically the new engine did wonders,, we had to swap out the ECU that was acting funny...which I have to say its great to be part of a team who does not mind carrying around extra parts for easy swaps like this to save the day! :)

I also captured quite a amount of racing footage from Tom, GJ and Chris's sessions, i still have hours of video to edit, but in the mean time here is a quick POV one from me on Sunday morning working traffic and battling out with some of the class A and B cars... enjoy :)

This might very well be the last race for the season for us... but who knows maybe we'll find enough time & budget for another race weekend, but either way i'll have more too post soon...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The next race is coming up :)

Yes...its been quite some time since i had the oppurtunity to update
the blog, but actually there has been a lot of developments since the last
race in NHMS.

Since we fried the engine only a few hours away from capturing our
first victory as a team last race, the majority of the team spent
most of their weekends getting in a new engine from the parts car
that was bought some time ago incase we ever needed it...smart move
on buying that other crap-can fox guys :)

Here is our Craptain working on setting up the install for
the new engine :)

It sucked i couldn't be there with the guys to help out during the
engine swap but a 8 hour round trip drive and the fact that I lack
in mechanical skills, i had nothing to offer then just moral support...

Initial tests of the new engine (on closed course, closed to traffic :P)
hinted that we had more horsepower! This can be explained by the fact that
the old engine proabbly had 150k miles + 4 races under its belt, while i
think this engine is under <60k miles (although not sure)

So new engine = more horsepower, but it can also bring some negative
suprises during the race weekend, as it has not been tested under
stresfull conditions. But i think we will try to do the practice session
on friday to see how the engine behaves..

Practice i think will be important as-well for the team, as the race
will be on Shenandoah Circuit @ Summit Point Motorsports Park which we have
never raced on. It is supposed to be one of the popular lemons tracks
( in meaning a lot of traffic) and a very technical track...

It also sucks that although we have the other tracks scanned from Summit in Iracing
we seem to have this one missing... I had used NHMS Iracing version
effectively in the previous race, but looks like all I have is a few
youtube videos to learn the track this time..

I'll have more updates after the race next week and hopefully some great

Saturday, June 11, 2011

F1 Outdoors leaguge and summer action :)

So what other way of cooling down in summer months then racing
on the F1 Outdoor track in the summer leaguge :)

The track is truely beautifull:

The races are usually every other week Fridays after work, so that
means I spend 1.5 hrs in rush hour getting to the track, and we
get 3 races + 1 practice session.

The track hosts a wide array of track configurations, and there is
plenty of room for passing... here is a recent video from Round #1
(I still am trying to figure out how i got the penalty on this
video though...let me know if you figure it out)

The racing is very real, but not everybody obeys the rules..especially
round #2 i have been used for brakes many times, while the flag stations
where chatting about their nail polishes.. I literally raised my hand
waved at them, etc.. but nothing could get their attention :)

I am still learning the tracks and should get higher in the points
in the upcoming events, but there is some serious talent in the top #3!
Some of these guys are old timers who have done the same leaguge last
summer.. and just following their lines i see great improvements...

More mario karts flavoured videos to come, next race 1st week of July...