Monday, April 11, 2011

24 Hours of New Jersey

Just got back from our first lemons race for the season and it
was a absolute blast, not only did we come 2nd in our
class (Class C "ugly") and 13th overall(out of 70 cars)
we even won a Grassroots Motorsports magazines "Most from the Least" award:)

Although we got that award, our team and our performance was nothing like "least".
We had a great team!! A quick snapshot after the race :)

Most of us arrived Friday morning.. after hours of driving
to be greeted by a awful cold & rainy grey NJ day. Which
helped me realize very quickly that maybe i should have brought
better shoes as I walked around the track with wet shoes and cold feet...
while looking at scary rusted junk cars getting ready to race...thinking
if my shots where up to date :)

But saturday was a whole diffrent NJ...nice and sunny, actually a bit
too i have a red nose and forehead to show :)

After nervously waiting for my stint saturday morning (which was stint
#2 after Tom) I was having a blast... ~70 cars, ~2 mile course, plenty
of room and a great fast paced track (compared to the Stafford race
from last year)

The experience can be best described as multi-class racing with a
bunch of loonies and piece of shit, and awful smelling cars...
But its freakin fun! :)

I have to say, my multi-class sim-racing league experiences from
ISRA (iracing private multi-class league) defintely came into play
as i knew how to keep my eyes in front, sides and back at all times...

As running a lower class car just like in the ISRA sim league, the
strategies to deal with traffic and keep your self away from trouble
is similar...

I will have more videos hopefully, but here is 1 lap of NJMP lightning
course with camera staring at my face :P

After the race, we found out from the judges that our cars roll
cage is no longer welcome, and we need to get a better one. So
if everything works out, our next race will be next month in
New Hampshire Motor Speedway road course... I'll have more updates in the upcoming weeks :)

Now back to reality....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The FOX is Getting a Make Over

Our captain(Tom) and NY based team members have done
quite impressive work on the car in the last couple of weeks...

Not only did they paint the car with a awesome 80's Audio Quattro S1
theme but they have also fixed a number of things on the car..

I am really getting excited as only 1 week left until we hit the
track with this baby...

In the mean time check out some of the new pictures:

Also we just had a new team member join for the LOUDON ANNOYING race, a fellow Iracer "Andre Gomes" :)

I know Andre from a couple Iracing session which we had
some awesome battles with, very solid talent,,, its great to
see that I will not be the only sim racer(cough nerddd) on the team :P