Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The snow melts...and I am back...!

So i've been on the road, on the go..or whatever you like to call
it latelty. Lets just say this winter was one to remember...

Luckly, it is now coming to a slow end..the snow is melting and I
already have huge(or atleast huge to me) plans for this season :)

Well before I get to my plans and finally setting the record straight
on why i called my blog "junkracing", i'll briefly talk about some of the
things I did since my last post... lets play a bit of catchup.

A lot of Iracing :)...and lots of it... I actually stopped
running general Iracing series, and have been running on a hosted
series called ISRA(International Sim Racing Association)

Its basically a intense 9 week multi-class series with a
average grid of 35-40 talented and serious sim racers.
Races are only done on Monday nights, and 1 race per week...
Awesome way to fine tune working traffic (thanks to multi-class)
and some very intense close racing, just the way I like it...

I am working on a video to celebrate the close racing I had
in the series, but that will have to wait a bit more...

During the season, i've have broken pretty much most of
my racing gear...G25 Logitech wheel busted, replaced with
a Thrustmaster T500RS, especially after watching the
inside simracing episode

My Lightning SST shifter also broke mid-race, soon to be replaced
with a TSW H-shifter..So far the only gear that seems to be hold
up to my driving style is the CST pedals...

Proabbly the highligh of my winter was the Lotus Racing School
in Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch.
I was fortunate enought to be on the 3.4 mile track, which was
perfect for learning more about how to be smooth and focus on
the line. I actually had to re-learn some of the things I had
thought I had learned before, which is exactly why I had gone their
in the first place.

I could/should have placed the camera in dash but because the
Elise is so tiny, me combined with a instructer we had no room
for the GoPro camera in-dash, so not my first choice for camera
angle but atleast gives you a idea on how long/technical the 3.4 mile course is:

Although not as fast I would like it to be (but smooth to say the
least), remembering each turn-in for such a long course in 1 day
definetly was a challenge. It would have helped greatly if the
track was actually scanned by Iracing... :)

Anyways so lets get back to why I called my blog that nobody
reads "Junkracing" :)...well it is because of all the lemons
junk racing I plan to do this season and hopefully in the future
as-well :)

For the ones who have no idea what 24 hour of lemons is,
check out this.

I already had done a race last year with Team FarFrumWinnin in Stafford, MA in a
1993 VW FOX which used to be our team captain's Tom daily
driver back in the day.

Well it was a blast and this year we plan to do 4 events this year:
(given the car can hold it together)

NJMP Apr 9-10
Loudon May 7-8
Summit Point June 18-19
Stafford July 23-24

Currently the team which is mostly based in NY (as I type this far,
far , far away somewhere in TX) is doing a lot of work on the car, including paint etc..

The car is looking more sexy by the minute.
Don't get me wrong its still a $500 worth car...but this time
we hope it does not look a like a slow moving poop on the track
i hope :P

I'll be having more info, and hopefully videos from the races
in the upcoming months stay tuned! First race is APRIL 9th! :)