Monday, November 14, 2011

Team Farfrumwinnin -- Preps for 2012

I’ll have to admit, I’m really not looking forward to another brutal northeast winter... it’s not just being surrounded by mountains of snow, ice and salt but also the fact that it’ll be months of winter hibernation not just for us but also for machines that we love and look forward to racing.. in 2012.

But before the snow comes in to stay, the team was busy with installing Phil’s new custom fabricated front suspension on the Fox.

The initial test at a local autox event turned out to be great, as it was reported that the car has now more confidence, lesser under-steer and is more predictable. I really cannot wait to try it for myself… as there are plans for a shake-down at a test & tune lemons track day in February at NJMP that we plan to attend (weather permitting of course). Here is an action shot from Rich on 3 wheels despite the mods to the car. Which is great as we are known as the “3 legged fox” and it would have been a shame to lose that.. !

On the other hand, despite Phil’s crazy work/travel schedule last weekend Rich & Tom met up with him to check how bad of a state the Volvo was in.. let’s just say for a car that last run in 1992, and left alone to rust for ~20 years, it sure did show it’s age. The rust is so bad that you can literally see the pavement below:

It’s no question that it will surely almost an impossible task to make this car race ready for 2012… but when the time comes, and if it comes.. I am sure the team will do justice to this car… have it go out with a bang!

Ohh… before I forget…although a bit late, Lemons HQ finally announced the 2012 race calendar, and looks like they killed Stafford(which we did not race last year, and did not want to race any more) and added NHMS twice… The 2nd NHMS race is actually on the same day as Halloween, and I have a feeling this will surely be a day to remember as “gasoline meets Halloween”

Here is our team’s calendar events we have signed up for as of right now:

14-15 April NJMP
5-6 May NHMS
16-17 June Summit Point
27-27 October NHMS again on Halloween!!! :)